UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Purchased Services Request Form

Use this form to request the purchase of any purchased services costing $2,000 or more.

Please provide at least 30 days notice to process this request.

The Hillman Operating Budget assures that all major expenditures for purchased services are based upon carefully planned institute-wide programs for development. Major Expenditure is defined as any purchased services agreement that costs $2,000 or more. Purchased Services include Consulting Services, Contracted Services, Testing Services or any other Professional Services provided by sources outside of the University.

Instructions for Completing and Submitting Form – NEW PROCESS AS OF 9/26/19

  1. Complete Sections I-IV.
  2. Submit the completed form electronically and via email:
    • Electronic Submission:
      • Submit the completed online form below.
      • After submitting the online form, a PDF of the submitted information will be emailed to the address you provided. Save the entire PDF to use for the email submission.
    • Email Submission:
      • Obtain any applicable required attachments as noted in Section IV of the form.
      • Signatures in Section V of the PDF are not the applicant’s responsibility but this page must be included with the email submission.
      • IN ONE EMAIL, send: 1) the PDF received from the electronic submission and 2) all applicable attachments to: HCCPurchasingForms@upmc.edu