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Catherine Bender

Catherine Bender

Program: Biobehavioral Cancer Control

412-624-3594 School of Nursing
415 Victoria Building 3500 Victoria St
Pittsburgh PA

My two areas of research interest include the neuropsychological sequellae of cancer and cancer treatment and the physiological mechanisms underlying these problems and adherence to cancer therapy. More specifically, my research focuses on the changes in cognitive function and mood that occur in patients with cancer. I also examine whether the changes in reproductive hormones that occur as a consequence of cancer therapy are related to changes in cognitive function experienced by women with cancer, and we are investigating candidate genes for correlations with cognitive function in patients with cancer. I also study adherence to therapy in patients with cancer and other chronic conditions and predictors of non-adherence to therapy.

Research Interests and Keywords
  • adherence to cancer therapy
  • Breast Cancer
  • Cognitive function of cancer patients
  • reproductive hormones
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