Office of Health Equity, Education, and Advocacy

Linda RobertsonThe mission of the Hillman Office of Health Equity, Education, and Advocacy is to reduce the burden of cancer, promote cancer health equity, and inform, apply, and enhance Hillman scientific research by establishing results-driven strategic partnerships with health promotion and advocacy organizations throughout western Pennsylvania.

Our outreach program provides community groups with knowledgeable speakers, written materials, and multi-media tools that address cancer prevention, treatment, and survivorship. Examples of topics covered include lifestyle changes that decrease risk of disease and disease recurrence, and early cancer warning signs and recommended screening guidelines. We also strive to educate the community on the advances that Hillman is making in basic, clinical, and population science research, including evidence-based information on environmental exposures and cancer risk, and to foster interest in clinical trial participation. Through these important interactions, we are able to solicit feedback on unmet cancer-related needs in our surrounding area, including those specific to medically underserved populations, and communicate these needs back to Hillman leadership and investigators, the UPMC Office of Government Relations, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Hillman Office of Health Equity, Education, and Advocacy Interactions

The Hillman Office of Health Equity, Education, and Advocacy is working to reduce cancer health disparities by:

  • Collaborating with organizations that are focused on medically underserved populations to build trust
  • Navigating individuals through the UPMC health care system
  • Identifying and removing barriers to care
  • Ensuring access to full diagnostic work up, appropriate treatment, and support services

Furthermore, in order to inform, apply, and enhance Hillman cancer research, our advocacy efforts aim to:

  • Identify common and population-specific priorities
  • Increase the patient-centeredness of planned research projects
  • Identify and address non-scientific concerns and barriers to research
  • Increase accrual to clinical trials and behavioral studies
  • Stimulate donations and foundation-based research grants

Contact the Hillman Office of Health Equity, Education, and Advocacy

Linda B. Robertson, DrPH, RN, MSN
Associate Director, Health Equity and Community Outreach & Engagement
Phone: 412-647-8588

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