Genotyping: DNA Mutation PCR

Custom TaqMan Copy Number Assays

Life Technologies has 4.5 million SNP assays available, including 3.5 million HapMap SNPs, 70,000 cSNPs and 160,000 validated assays which combine TaqMan Assay chemistry with Life Technologies real-time PCR instruments to enable the generation of specific, reproducible, and easy to interpret copy number results.

Ideally suited for validation studies and large sample screens, the Custom TaqMan Copy Number Assays provide a flexible targeted approach to copy number analysis. The 384-well real time PCR system is suitable for singleples SNP-assays in 5 µl reaction volumes, which leads to a significant reduction of the cost per sample compared to 96-well based systems.

Normally the assays can be delivered within 2 weeks of ordering. The small scale assay contains enough material for about 1500 samples. The ABI7900HT is available for larger projects where hundreds or thousands of samples have to be genotyped.

Affymetrix MicroarraysNote that Custom Plus TaqMan Copy Number Assays are available for studying variation in human and mouse genomic regions of interest for which a pre-designed assay is not available. Custom Plus assays undergo thorough bioinformatics analysis and have the quality of pre-designed TaqMan Copy Number Assays.

The GeneAssist Copy Number Assay Tool enables users to submit pre-masked custom target sequences for assay design or primer/probe pair sequences for assay formulation.

To further discuss these services or to design a study with the CGF, please contact Christin Sciulli.

SA Bio SYBR Green qBiomarker Somatic Mutation PCR Arrays and Assays

Detection of mutations in cell lines or research samples is critical for toxicological, drug development, and cancer studies. qBiomarker Somatic Mutation PCR Arrays are panels of mutation-specific real-time PCR assays for simultaneously profiling mutations within a disease or pathway focused set of genes.

qBiomarker™ DNA Mutation PCR Arrays and Assays:

  • Analyze Mutations by Cancer – Profile the most frequent mutations associated with a type of cancer
  • Analyze Mutations by Pathway – Profile mutations in genes from a specific signaling pathway
  • Analyze Mutations with High Content Arrays – Profile up to 384 mutations in genes in signaling pathways or cancers
  • Analyze Mutations of Your Choice – Design a Custom qBiomarker Mutation PCR Array
  • Search for Mutation-Specific Assays – Search for the assay that will detect and validate a specific mutation
  • Browse for Mutations by Gene – Find the mutation assays by gene