UPCI Academy Scholars Testimonials

Watch the video above to see UPCI Academy scholars discuss their experience at the 2016 UPCI Academy.

The [UPCI Academy] has definitely allowed me to grow and give me confidence to pursue a scientific career.” – Elizabeth Hung, CB Scholar

[The UPCI Academy] demonstrated how medicine and research can come together in a state-of-the-art facility and with world-renowned faculty who were willing to sacrifice their time to educate high schoolers like me. I discovered not only biological phenomena but also the career of my dreams and have been given the tools and experiences to realize it.” – Adam Barsouk, CB Scholar

Over all, the UPCI [Academy] has impacted me in many ways. It gave me the opportunity to dive into real lab work, be exposed to many different professions, and learn a lot about cancer.” – Musharrat Anisha, CB Scholar

Going into the program, I did not know what to expect. I had no previous research experience and lackluster presentation skills…In all, I have gained recognition in the bioinformatics community and adopted professional level working skills.” – Joshua Le, CoSBBI Scholar

I had such a great experience, both academically and socially. Prior to this program, I did not really know all that much about research, but now I know that it is definitely something I want to pursue in my future. I learned a lot about both the research and clinical sides of oncology, and confirmed my interest in oncology. I also came to love Pitt, and hope I can return to Pitt sometime in the future.” – Nikita Maheshwari, CB Scholar

UPCI was AMAZING, and I will always be grateful to it for introducing me into a whole new field of biology that I’ve never heard of before.” – Maya AlMoussa, DiSCoBio Scholar

UPCI Academy has impacted me a lot academically. I learned way more than I could have imagined both in the lab and outside the lab.” – Kevelis Matthews-Alvarado, TI Scholar

Participating in [The UPCI Academy] has exposed me to the true nature of research and has taught me to balance short-term outcomes with long-term goals, resulting in a unique and valuable perspective that I can apply not only to the research lab, but to any setting.” – Mahima Reddy, TI Scholar

Every day, I was surrounded by creative and intelligent students and mentors who all supported and pushed me to do what is the most challenging, cutting-edge, and rewarding work I have ever done. After completing this program, I know I have more experience and, consequently, a greater understanding of real-world science than a classroom could possibly provide. Also, thanks to my research in deep learning applied to genomics at The UPCI Academy, I have had opportunities to continue my trajectory far beyond the scope of a single summer, and I believe this will shape my future career.” – Lukas Schmit, CoSBBI Scholar

After the eight weeks, to be able to successfully complete my research project/poster and present it to a panel of other professors allowed me to not only test my knowledge but understand the significance of relaying the science from inside the laboratory to those outside of it. My time in The UPCI Academy has allowed me to take part in a field of science that I may never have gotten the chance to explore, and if I had a choice to be a part of it again, I would immediately say YES!” – Rida Merchant, CB Scholar

The [UPCI Academy] is more than an opportunity to conduct scientific research. It is a way for you to empower yourself, meet new people, and learn the applicability and excitement of a scientific query.” – Ashwin Reddy, CB Scholar