UPMC Hillman Cancer Center 2024 Annual Scientific Retreat

The 36th Annual UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Scientific Retreat will take place Thursday and Friday, September 19-20, 2024, at The Assembly Building, 5051 Centre Avenue.

We look forward to your participation! The Retreat is for all members of Hillman Cancer Center to learn about and contribute to our scientific environment. We especially encourage you to invite your students and fellows, as our trainees are so vital to our future.

For questions, please contact Serena Holliday (hollidaysm3@upmc.edu), Retreat Coordinator.

Retreat Registration

Abstract Submission


Ronald B. Herberman, MD, Lectureship
Charles L. Sawyers, MD
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Marie-Josée and Henry Kravis Chair, Human Oncology & Pathogenesis
Chairman, Human Oncology & Pathogenesis Program

Maryann Donovan, PhD, MPH, Lectureship
Lucile L. Adams-Campbell, PhD
Distinguished University Professor
Founding Director, Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Prevention
Senior Associate Dean, Community Outreach and Engagement
Associate Director, Minority Health & Health Disparities Research
Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center

Hillman Outstanding Research Mentor Award

Mentors play a hugely important role in guiding and supporting successful oncology research careers. Beginning this year, UPMC Hillman will recognize the critical role of research mentorship with an annual outstanding research mentor award. This is an opportunity to recognize a UPMC Hillman faculty member who has made a difference in your career.

See criteria and instructions for submissions for the Hillman Outstanding Research Mentor Award.

Emerging Scholar Award

The UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Emerging Scholar Award recognizes outstanding, novel, and significant cancer research that has led to important contributions to the fields of basic cancer research, translational cancer research, cancer diagnosis, prevention of cancer, and cancer treatment. One winner will be chosen in each of three categories, as appropriate.

See criteria and instructions for submissions for the Emerging Scholar Award.

Team Shark Tank Competition

The purpose of the Team Shark Tank competition is to encourage high-risk, high-reward research ideas developed by research teams and to support the professional development of trainees.

See eligibility information and instructions for submission to the Emerging Scholar Award.

Retreat Planning Committee Co-Chairs

Yi-Nan Gong, PhD
Benjamin Nacev, MD, PhD
Teresa Hagen Thomas, PhD, RN