Cancer Biology Program (CBP)

The Cancer Biology Program brings together basic cancer biology and data science investigators to study and model—at the in vitro, in vivo, and in silico levels—the biology of malignant transformation and tumor progression. The main objective of this program is to foster basic discoveries of molecular and cellular mechanisms of cancer that are then used in other Hillman Cancer Center programs to advance translational and clinical research.

The specific aims of the Cancer Biology Program are to:

  1. Discover and elucidate cellular and molecular mechanisms of cancer initiation, progression and metastases
  2. Transfer program discoveries to other Cancer Center programs to allow application in the clinic in the form of novel preventive, diagnostic, or therapeutic approaches
  3. Facilitate collaborations within and outside Cancer Biology, for example, through seminars, regular meetings, focused symposia, and a yearly retreat.

Research Themes

Data Science

Drug Resistance and Metastasis

Hormone Response and Cell Signaling

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