Hillman Cancer Center Cytometry Facility Virtual Seminar Series

June 9, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Tullia Bruno, PhD
Speaker: Jacob Glass
Title: Senior Application Scientist, Beckman Coulter
Lecture Title: "Cytometry Skills Workshop II”

The Cytometry Facility is proud to announce the Cytoflex LX is on the way! For our last virtual seminar, we will be re-introducing the technology. In brief, the CytoFLEX LX Flow Cytometer is an expansion of the CytoFLEX Platform. This flagship model expands research possibilities with six lasers and 21 color parameters. Six spatially separated lasers allow panels to be spread across the spectrum reducing cross talk and spectral overlap. The fully activated instrument includes three fluorescent channels from the 355 nm (UV) laser, five from the 405 nm (Violet) laser, three from the 488 nm (Blue) laser, five from the 561 nm (Yellow Green) laser, three from the 638 nm (Red) laser, and two from the 808 nm (Infrared) laser. The available 96-well plate sample loader allows for high-throughput applications and fits inside the instrument preserving the compact footprint. Please join us to learn more about this new instrument!


Meeting ID: 934 8590 2963