Cancer Genomics Facility (CGF)

The genomic and transcriptomic platforms provided by the Cancer Genomics Facility (CGF) enable a large number of diverse basic, translational, and clinical projects that fall predominantly into three research categories:

  1. Cancer center projects seeking to identify diagnostic biomarkers for cancer risk prediction, early detection, prognosis, and prediction of disease progression.
  2. Projects attempting to elaborate the underlying mechanisms of tumorigenesis in order to improve molecular classification, categorize the risk of metastasis and recurrence, and optimize therapeutic approaches.
  3. Studies to delineate previously unknown targets for prospective pharmacological reagents that may lead to novel therapeutic targeting strategies.

As a UPMC Hillman Cancer Center shared resource, the CGF provides a concierge service to meet the needs of the individual researcher.  From tissue microdissection to the generation of sequence data. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email