Cell and Tissue Imaging Facility (CTIF)

UPMC Hillman Cancer Center’s Cell and Tissue Imaging Facility (CTIF) is an integral, cancer-focused component of the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Biologic Imaging. Collaborative efforts between Hillman investigators and CTIF scientists have led to the development of tools specifically directed towards understanding the molecular basis, and perhaps more importantly, potential therapeutic strategies for cancer.

The specific aims of the CTIF are to:

  • Provide professional expertise in the design and implementation of experiments that use microscopy techniques and image analysis, including interpretation of morphological data.
  • Prepare, store and optimally analyze tissues and cells via morphological and mRNA and protein localization techniques.
  • Provide fixed cell and tissue imaging to Hillman investigators.
  • Provide live cell, live tissue, and live animal imaging to Hillman project leaders.
  • Perform detailed electron microscopy analysis of tissue structure.
  • Provide training related to use of and access to all instrumentation used within the CTIF.
  • Assist with experimental design and refinement, and evaluate experimental results including developing and implementing appropriate software algorithms to provide quantitative measurements.

The CTIF is housed in the Center for Biologic Imaging, in the Biomedical Science Tower of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. This space was designed as a dedicated, state-of-the-art imaging center, and has fully equipped microscopy suites, computer labs, and wet and dry bench space for cell culture, light and electron microscopic preparations.

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Natural killer cells attacking melanoma cells.
More than 80% of cancer cells are killed within 6 hours. Movie generated using the Nikon live cell imaging system at the Hillman Cancer Center.