Protocol Review Committee/Protocol Review and Monitoring System (PRC/PRMS) Overview

The goal of the Protocol Review Committee/Protocol Review and Monitoring System (PRC/PRMS) is to promote the highest scientific quality and efficient conduct of cancer clinical trials at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center. PRC/PRMS reviews and prioritizes all trials that are being considered for activation at Hillman, ensuring that the protocols utilize scientifically sound and appropriate research methods and statistical analysis. PRC/PRMS also reviews for any conflicts of interest and to verify that sufficient resources, including financial, clinical research staff, and mostly importantly human subjects, are available so that the trial has a high likelihood of meetings its accrual targets within a reasonable timeframe. PRC/PRMS approval is required before trials can be sent to the University of Pittsburgh Institutional Review Board (IRB) for review. Once trials are opened, PRC/PRMS monitors trials by reviewing accrual data and other reports as needed to ensure that accrual and scientific benchmarks continue to be met.

For more information on the PRC/PRMS, email Brandon Kaukus, PRC/PRMS Coordinator.