Core 1: Biospecimen and Translational Pathology

Theresa L. Whiteside, PhD
Peter C. Lucas, MD, PhD

The Biospecimen and Translational Pathology (Core 1) has the responsibility for the procurement, flow and delivery to the SPORE investigators of biological specimens (tissues, tumor cells, tumor-infiltrating immune cells and cells in the peripheral circulation) and for providing clinicopathological annotation for all subjects enrolled in the clinical trials. Core 1 will procure and process all body fluids and tissues harvested from melanoma patients enrolled in SPORE studies and provide immunopathological tissue evaluations. Core 1 will also assist the SPORE investigators in implementing assays necessary for evaluation of immunologic responses to immune therapies. Core 1 will ensure that all samples it collects are accompanied by annotations that will permit linking laboratory analyses with clinical results. Data and annotations will be stored in the SPORE research database and will be updated and retrieved for research projects following established HIPAA protocols.