Oncology Graduate Program students will be required to take 3 foundations courses.

Foundations 1: Foundations in Cancer Biology
This first course in the program will provide a new biological foundation and background to cancer biology.

Foundations 2: Cancer Biology and Therapeutics
This existing course is taught in collaboration between Pathology and Pharmacology & Chemical Biology and covers the genetic, molecular, and cellular basis of cancer.

Foundations 3: Foundations in Clinical Oncology
This new course will be led by physician scientists in collaboration with patients to go in depth on different cancers and their clinical treatments.

Oncology Graduate Program students will also be offered 3 brand new elective courses going in depth on specific areas of cancer research including:

  • Big Data
  • Women’s Cancers
  • Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy

Further details on the course load and timing of these courses can be found on the University of Pittsburgh catalog.