Women’s Faculty/Trainee Monthly Luncheon Seminars

The Women’s Task Force sponsors a women faculty/trainee lunch seminar each month to informally discuss issues pertaining to females in scientists.

Topics covered include: avoiding gender bias in letter writing, importance of women supporting other women, gender bias in grant solicitations and recommendations for changes for internal submissions, sexual harassment and resources at Pitt, imposter syndrome, negotiating, work/life balance, conflicts with trainee and mentor relationships, LGBTQIA+, 1-3-5 time management approach, confidence and active voice in grant writing, and preparing for maternity and a career in science: how to be a superhero.

2023-24 Luncheon Seminars and Training Schedule

All seminars are at 12 noon unless otherwise noted.

Date Speaker Virtual Topic
September 29 DEI Subcommittee

Sunny Bao

Yes Intersectionality and immigration in academia and science
October 24


HCC Seminar Series

Gina Toy-Cuttler

Yes State of the Taskforce
November 17 Liz Travis

Olja Finn’s Guest

Yes Formal title TBD
December 1 Vera S. Donnenberg, Ph.D., F.C.P.

Associate Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Yes “Critical Gender Theory: How to Navigate Academia, Stay Positive and Productive”
January 12 Wellness Committee

Tullia Bruno

Yes Formal title TBD
February 2 DEI Subcommittee

Sunny Bao

Yes Related to race; formal title TBD
February 27


Jenny Grandis Yes  Paired with grand rounds on Feb 28th
April 5 TBD    
April 30


HCC Seminar Series TBD  Topic pending
May 3 TBD    
June 7 TBD