Services & Equipment

CPPF services include:

  1. Pharmacokinetics, including assay development, validation, identification and/or quantitation of drugs, metabolites, metabolizing enzymes, and other endogenous products in biological matrices, and PK analysis/modeling. View the list of PK assays offered by the CPPF.
  2. Pharmacodynamics, including assay development, validation, and sample analysis.
  3. Consultation, aiding investigators in the experimental design of studies involving analytical chemical, PK, or PD efforts, and liaising with existing facilities and investigators to minimize financial costs and maximize scientific revenue for each project.
  4. Integration, performing PK/PD correlations and correlating PK or PD metrics with clinical outcomes.

Services are evaluated on a regular basis to assess levels of scientific demand, potential benefits of research, and financial feasibility. The facility encourages suggestions and requests for new assays or instrumentation from investigators that require additional support for their research activities. The CPPF attempts to maintain maximum flexibility, and is eager to work with individuals on special project needs that are not necessarily regular activities within the facility. The CPPF strives to support and enhance the research environment; every effort is made to acquire new instrumentation, software, or capabilities as the field of analytical chemistry and pharmacokinetics advances in technique and concept.

Learn more about projects supported by the CPPF.

Major Analytical Chemical Instrumentation


1x LC-MS/MS: SCIEX6500 triple-quadrupole, hybrid linear ion-trap, mass spectrometer, Agilent 1290 Infinity II HPLC, diode array detector
2x LC-MS/MS: SCIEX4000 triple-quadrupole, (1 hybrid linear ion-trap) mass spectrometer, Agilent 1200 HPLC, diode array detector
3x LC-MS/MS: Waters QuattroMicro triple stage mass spectrometer, Agilent model 1100 binary pump and autosampler, operated under Masslynx version 4.0
1x HPLC-UV/FL: Agilent technologies 1260 Infinity II Series HPLC with variable wavelength detector, Fluorescence detector, and Diode array detector
1x HPLC-RAD: Beckman System Gold HPLC with UV and IN/US beta-ram radio-detector
1x AAS: Perkin-Elmer model AAnalyst 600 atomic absorption spectrometer
Infra-red scanner: LICOR Odyssey CLx scanner (Dual-wavelength)
Microplate Reader: Tecan Infinite M1000 PRO
Cell counter: Nexcelom Cellometer K2