Tissue and Biological Specimen Procurement Services

The tissue accrual and disbursement function of TARPS procures and disburses fresh, frozen, and paraffin-embedded tissues and biological specimens from patients with a diverse array of cancers. TARPS also provides support to major research projects such as the Early Disease Research Network (EDRN)-related research efforts, and several other cancer research programs.

Specifically, TARPS provides:

  1. Procurement and preservation of tissue and biological specimens
  2. Access to UPMC paraffin archives
  3. Storage and filing of specimens
  4. Retrieval of specimens for researchers
  5. Providing appropriately sub-sampled tissue specimens
  6. Associated data entry on specimens procured
  7. Access to annotated clinical data when applicable
  8. Periodic quality assurance of specimens collected

Tissue Utilization Committees (TUC)

Specimen distribution is based on a defined priority order of usage for investigators involved in a particular research field. The organ-specific Tissue Utilization Committees (TUC) discuss and develop future research directions of the program, and assess policies and procedures for the availability of tissue and biological materials for promising research projects. Each of these committees makes recommendations to Pitt Biospecimen Core (PBC) personnel for the priorities in distribution of tissues.

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