Bioinformatics Data Analysis FAQs

What is the bioinformatics analysis service?

This service provides data analysis support for all high throughput genomic platforms, including RNA Seq, Whole Genome Seq, and Whole Exome Seq. We can also provide guidance with large consortia data such as from TCGA, 1000 genomes and ENCODE.

Who is the contact person?

For analysis requests and questions, please email Uma Chandran at or call at 412-648-9326.

Do you work with the Cancer Genomics Facility (CGF) or the Genomics Research Core (GRC)?

We work very closely with the CGF, which is a UPMC Hillman Cancer Center shared resource. GRC is an independent facility on the Oakland campus. Our facility supports primarily cancer studies.

Will you work with non-Hillman investigators?

The CBS supports cancer studies. A second core, the Genomics Analysis Core (GAC) supports non-cancer studies. Please contact Uma Chandran for your non-cancer data analysis needs.

Can you help us download and store TCGA data?

Local infrastructure for regulatory compliant storage and analysis of TCGA data is provided through the Pittsburgh Genome Resource Repository (PGRR). Please see the PGRR website for details or contact Uma Chandran for assistance.

Do you provide computing and storage for Next Gen Sequencing (NGS) analysis?

We do not provide storage media for NGS data. It is up to each investigator to purchase hard drives and store their data. However, DBMI has contracted with the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center for storage and analysis of data from projects in which the CBS is involved.