Core A: Administrative

Robert L. Ferris, MD, PhD, FACS, Co-Director
Jennifer R. Grandis, MD, FACS, Co-Director
Jonas T. Johnson, MD, Co-Director

The primary objective of the Administrative Core is to provide scientific leadership and general administration for all SPORE-related activities. The Administrative Core is responsible for integrating diverse scientific and clinical disciplines into a truly unified multidisciplinary approach to achieve excellence in translational head and neck cancer research. To maintain an organizational structure that will efficiently promote such interactions and maintain a nurturing institutional environment, Core A has the following Specific Aims:

Aim 1: Provide scientific management and oversight of all SPORE activities;

Aim 2: Provide fiscal management and oversight of all SPORE activities;

Aim 3: Serve as liaison between our SPORE and the NCI SPORE Program Office, National Cooperative Groups, International Cooperative Groups, industry, other translational researchers, head and neck cancer patient advocates, and the community;

Aim 4: Organize and lead the SPORE planning process in partnership with the Internal and External Advisory Boards (IAB and EAB); and

Aim 5: Optimize resource allocation to achieve the translational research mission of the SPORE by changing direction when necessary and discontinuing projects that successfully mature to the point of gaining independent extramural support or that do not adequately meet their translational goals, and by substituting new projects as appropriate.

The Administrative Core oversees day-to-day operations, coordinates periodic administrative and scientific reviews, and works closely with the NCI Program Office to fulfill these aims. Core personnel will continue to coordinate SPORE activities with those of Hillman, the departments and schools whose faculty participate in SPORE projects, with outside collaborating institutions, and with advocacy groups. The Core will foster interactions among SPORE projects and with related research outside the SPORE regionally, nationally, and internationally. The Core will continue to oversee Developmental Research Program (DRP) and Career Development Program (CDP) requests for new applications, and their review and prioritization. The Core will provide the administrative framework through which the SPORE Executive Committee, IAB, and EAB can evaluate program activities and redirect resources as needed to maximize translational progress toward the goals of the SPORE. The Core will work to raise head and neck cancer awareness and prevention. Centralization of these efforts in the Core maximizes efficiency and ensures that SPORE guidelines are followed uniformly throughout the program. The Administrative Core will monitor budgets of the SPORE Research Projects and Cores to ensure that no duplication of effort occurs between the SPORE and the shared facilities at Hillman, other funded SPOREs at Hillman, or the national cooperative groups. The Core will be used equally by the Projects, the other Cores, and the investigators funded by the DRP and CDP.