Administrative Core

Core Co-Directors:

Robert L. Ferris, MD, PhD
Heath D. Skinner, MD, PhD
Dan P. Zandberg, MD

The Administrative Core provides scientific leadership and general administration for all SPORE-related activities to integrate diverse scientific and clinical disciplines into a truly multidisciplinary team with the aims of advancing HNSCC translational research and improving the lives of HNSCC patients. This multidisciplinary approach is reflected in the Core’s leadership, which comprises a surgeon/scientist (Dr. Ferris), a radiation oncologist/scientist (Dr. Skinner), and a medical oncologist/clinical trialist (Dr. Zandberg), who share responsibility for directing and managing the SPORE.

The Administrative Core coordinates all SPORE Projects, Cores, and Programs, with an emphasis on maximizing collaborative interactions and efficiency. It oversees day-to-day operations with the assistance of a SPORE Administrator (Ms. Platania); coordinates administrative and scientific reviews by the SPORE’s executive committee, patient advocates, and internal and external advisory boards; and works closely with NCI staff and other SPORE teams to further NCI Translational Research Program goals. The Administrative Core is responsible for managing SPORE resources and ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements. It maintains the Organ Specific Database, which, in addition to being updated with entries for new head and neck cancer patients and SPORE studies, is being expanded to include quality of life data, which are of particular importance to patients whose ability to speak, swallow, and recognize themselves in the mirror can be impacted by HNSCC and its treatment.