Jina Chang, PhD

1st year resident
CAMPEP-Accredited Medical Physics Certificate Program, University of Florida
Post-Doc, UT South Western University and Princess Margaret Hospital
PhD, Department of Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering, Catholic University, Korea

Awards and Honors
Young Investigator Award, KSMP
Best Poster Presentation Awards, KSMP, KARP, AOCMP

J Chang, X Gu, W Lu, T Song, S Jiang, “Dose-volume endpoints study of organs-at-risk contouring sensitivity in prostate radiotherapy,“ JACMP 2017.
J Chang, M Lim, W Lu, M Chen, S Jiang, “Convolution-based modified Clarkson Integration for electron cutout factor calculation,“ JACMP 2018.
J Chang, Z Tian, W Lu, X Gu, M Chen, S Jiang, “A novel geometry-dosimetry label fusion method in multiatlas segmentation for radiotherapy,“ Physics in Medicine and Biology, 62: 3656–67 (2017)
J Chang, R Heaton, R Mahon, B Norrlinger, D Jaffray, Y Cho, M Islam, “A method for on-line verification of adapted fields using an independent dose monitor,“ Medical Physics, 40(7): 072104 (2013).

Calibration phantom for quality assurance of image-based radiotherapy apparatus (7755031, USA)
Deformable lung phantom device for 4D image registration (1010188800000, KOR)
Phantom for verification of accuracy of HDR brachytherapy planning and Phantom device having the phantom (1006132440000, KOR)

Pavel Kosterin, PhD

2nd year resident
Department of Medical Physics (CAMPEP Accredited), College of Liberal and Professional Studies, University of Pennsylvania, PA

P. Kosterin et al., On possible application of a novel bioabsorbable implant for accelerated partial breast irradiation with CyberKnife, AAPM e-poster, 2018.
Kralik J, Kosterin P, et al., “Evaluation of a new stereotactic diode for small field dosimetry,“ Med Phys, 42, 3420, 2015.