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Anders Josefsson

Anders Josefsson

Program: Cancer Therapeutics

(443) 310-8595 5117 Centre Avenue, Suite G.17b
Pittsburgh PA

I am PhD investigator and medical physicist with expertise in radiopharmaceutical dosimetry and modelling as well as PET- and SPECT-imaged based dosimetry. During my PhD studies, I developed small scale/micro dosimetry models for the thyroid gland to calculate the radiation absorbed doses when treated or exposed to α-particle or Auger-electron emitting radiohalogens (e.g., Astatine and Iodine isotopes). My post-doctoral work and research as a faculty at Johns Hopkins University focused on pre-clinical and clinical projects regarding image quantification and dosimetry of radiopharmaceutical therapy and diagnostics. I have worked extensively on pre-clinical studies using α-particle emitting radiopharmaceuticals for treatment against metastatic breast, prostate and melanoma cancers. This includes ex vivo imaging and quantification of organs/tissues of interest with the iQID-camera system, helping to determine the microscale distribution and activity concentrations of the α-particle emitting radiopharmaceutical within normal organs/tissues and tumors. I incorporate these iQID-camera images with dosimetric models to more accurately calculate and translate estimated radiation absorbed doses from pre-clinical models to the clinic. My research focuses are to develop improved analysis for dosimetry of targeted radiotherapeutics by incorporating and developing non-invasive imaging techniques (i.e. PET- and SPECT-imaging), microscale dosimetry models based on iQID-cameraimages, and more extensive evaluation of short and long-term toxicity of targeted α-particle therapy (TAT), particularly those with complex decay pathways.

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