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Anders Josefsson

Anders Josefsson

Program: Cancer Therapeutics

(443) 310-8595 5117 Centre Avenue, Suite G.17b
Pittsburgh PA

I am Ph.D. investigator and medical physicist with expertise in radiopharmaceutical dosimetry and modelling as well as PET- and SPECT-imaged based dosimetry. During my Ph.D. studies, I developed small scale/micro dosimetry models for the thyroid gland to calculate the radiation absorbed doses when treated or exposed to α-particle or Auger-electron emitting radiohalogens (e.g. Astatine and Iodine isotopes). My post-doctoral work and research as a faculty at Johns Hopkins University focused on pre-clinical and clinical projects regarding image quantification and dosimetry of radiopharmaceutical therapy and diagnostics. I have worked extensively on pre-clinical studies, developing α-particle emitting radiopharmaceuticals for treatment against metastatic breast, prostate and melanoma cancers. This includes ex vivo imaging and quantification of organs/tissues of interest with the α-Camera, helping to determine the microscale distribution and activity concentrations of the α-particle emitting radiopharmaceutical within normal organs/tissues (e.g. kidneys) and tumors. I incorporate these α-Camera images with dosimetric models to more accurately calculate and translate estimated doses from animal models to humans. My research focuses are to develop improved analysis for dosimetry of targeted radiotherapeutics by incorporating and developing non-invasive imaging techniques (i.e. PET- and SPECT-imaging), microscale dosimetry models based on α-Camera images, and more extensive evaluation of short and long-term toxicity of targeted alpha-therapy (TAT), particularly those with complex decay pathways.

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