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Dooman Arefan

Dooman Arefan

Program: Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention 3240 Craft Pl
Room 327
Pittsburgh PA

As a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, Department of Radiology, I am currently conducting cancer-related research that utilizes my extensive training in image processing and machine learning for clinical/translational studies. My expertise in both medical imaging and computational science allows me to identify unmet needs in medical imaging and employ cutting-edge computational techniques to address challenges in the field. I have previously worked on several research projects utilizing machine learning techniques for breast cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and risk assessment. I am seeking membership at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center to collaborate with researchers in the field and contribute to the advancement of cancer research. I envision my role as a researcher who will utilize my expertise in medical imaging and machine learning to develop innovative solutions for cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. I am also keen on sharing my knowledge and skills with the research community and contributing to the training of the next generation of researchers in the field of cancer imaging and machine learning

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