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Harry Hochheiser

Harry Hochheiser

Program: Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention

(412) 648-9300 Dept of Biomedical Informatics
5607 Baum Boulevard
Pittsburgh PA

My cancer research interests focus on the development of tools designed to make information more useful for translational researchers. Since 2014, I have been a co-investigator and then MPI (with Guergana Savova of Boston Children’s Hospital and Jeremy Warner of Vanderbilt University) on an NCIfunded project “Cancer Deep Phenotyping from Electronic Medical Records”(U24 CA248010-01A1). Known as “DeepPhe”, this project is aimed at extracting longitudinal patient histories from clinical notes via Natural Language Processing and developing visual analytics tools that will facilitate the use of this data for cohort discovery. My role in this effort has been to lead qualitative inquiries into clinician information needs and goals, as needed to guide the design of interactive tools. With additional NCI funding starting in 2019, and with the added collaboration of Eric Durbin of the University of Kentucky/Kentucky Cancer registry, we are working to adapt these tools to facilitate cancer registry data abstraction processes (UG3 CA243120-02).

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