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Jami Saloman

Jami Saloman

Program: Biobehavioral Cancer Control

(412) 383-5120 University of Pittsburgh, E1457 Biomedical Science Tower
200 Lothrop St.
Pittsburgh PA

The Saloman lab focuses on how peripheral nerves shape the incipient tumor microenvironment. Current studies are designed to understand how sensory and sympathetic nerves regulate anti-tumor immunity and cancer pain. Several immune checkpoint proteins are expressed by the neurons that innervate the pancreas and ongoing experiments are investigating the role of these signaling molecules in regulation of the tumor microenvironment. Our overall goal is to understand the role of neural circuits to cancer biology and to harness this knowledge to improve early detection as well as identify targets for novel therapeutic approaches. 

Research Interests and Keywords
  • Cancer pain
  • neural regulation of tumorigenesis
  • neuro-immune interactions
  • pancreatic cancer
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