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Jessie Nedrow

Jessie Nedrow

Program: Cancer Therapeutics

(509) 339-3695 5117 Centre Ave
Suite G.17b
Pittsburgh PA

have expertise in molecular imaging, organic synthesis, peptide synthesis, targeted radiotherapy and cancer research including small (mice) and large (rabbits, beagles) animal models. For my research, my group focuses on the development of targeted radiotherapy (alpha and beta) for primary and metastatic hepatic tumors, metastatic melanoma, and a variety of cancers through the targeting of the neovascular. We implement a variety of imaging techniques including PET and SPECT imaging, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, CT, and alpha camera imaging within my lab. My lab is working toward the development of novel targeted radiotherapeutics and their application in a variety of cancers as well as the development of image guided strategies to maximize the therapeutic efficacy while minimizing toxicity to normal tissue.

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