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Joseph Glorioso

Joseph Glorioso

Program: Cancer Virology 450 Technology Drive
Suite 300
Pittsburgh PA

Dr. Glorioso has spent his career studying the molecular biology of HSV and the last 20 years developing HSV gene vectors. He is a world-wide leader in this field and has to the expertise to develop the technology related to the treatment of diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system. His interest in peripheral nerve disease has included nerve degeneration due to diabetes and cancer drug therapies that have led to treatments of animal models. Studies to understand the pathophysiology of chronic pain and the identification of gene therapy interventions that create effective pain therapies have been long standing interests and he was among the first to develop HSV vectors to treat pain. This research has culminated in clinical trials for treatment of cancer pain. Dr. Glorioso has also focused his attention on neurodegenerative diseases that include SCA1 and Huntington's disease and the development of oncolytic vectors to treat brain tumors. Part of this research extends his application of HSV vectors for vector delivery across the blood brain barrier and for targeting specific neuronal cell populations in animals. He has also recently developed HSV vectors for the creation and neuronal differentiation of human iPS cells derived from fetal brain and human fibroblasts.

Research Interests and Keywords
  • chronic pain
  • Glioblastoma
  • HSV vectors
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