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Katherine Aird

Katherine Aird

Program: Cancer Biology The Assembly
5051 Centre Ave
Pittsburgh PA

The central theme of my research program is to investigate the metabolic and epigenetic control of senescence in the context of cancer. Cellular senescence is a stable cell cycle arrest that can be both tumor suppressive and tumor promoting in a highly context-dependent manner. Relatively little is known about metabolic changes that either induce or inhibit senescence. Using a combination of cell and molecular biology tools in addition to high-throughput approaches such as metabolomics and functional (epi)-genomics, my laboratory aims to mechanistically understand how to induce or overcome senescence. Our studies also include aspects of translational research utilizing both ovarian cancer and melanoma models to explore whether these newly-identified metabolic and epigenetic pathways can be targeted for novel cancer therapies. The lab is currently funded by: 1) an NCI R37 MERIT Award to understand pro-tumorigenic nucleotide metabolism in melanomagenesis; 2) an American Cancer Society Research Scholar Grant to investigate the role of isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 (IDH1)-mediated alpha-ketoglutarate production in histone methylation at homologous recombination genes in ovarian cancer; and 3) 2 NRSA F31s elucidating various metabolic and epigenetic mechanisms in ovarian cancer senescence. Pending grants include the role of nuclear acetyl-CoA production on histone acetylation and DNA damage response in ovarian cancer (NCI mPI R01) and how macropinocytosis of branched chain amino acids affects both tumor cell-intrinsic and immune cell responses to therapy (DoD Ovarian Cancer Research Program, a collaboration with Dr. Greg Delgoffe).

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