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Nadine Hempel

Nadine Hempel

Program: Cancer Biology

(412) 641-7736 The Assembly
5051 Centre Ave
Pittsburgh PA

My research group uses a variety of molecular, cellular, imaging and in vivo techniques to focus on two research areas in ovarian cancer biology: 1. The role of antioxidant enzymes and reactive oxygen species during tumor metastasis; and 2. The regulation of mitochondrial fission/fusion and mitochondrial metabolism in ovarian cancer progression. We concentrate our studies on patho-physiologically relevant models that include the use of patient-derived tumor cells, and have a number of well established institutional and national collaborations in the fields of mitochondrial biology, cell signaling and ovarian cancer. I am seeking membership of the cancer center to participate actively in the Cancer Biology program and broaden my future research by being exposed to collaborations and research efforts of the tumor immunology, genome stability and therapeutics programs. I hope to help build the research portfolio focused on gynecologic malignancies at the Hillman cancer center and plan to take an active role in ongoing team science initiatives focused on ovarian cancer (SPORE submission) and cancer metastasis (U54 submission). In addition, I hope to establishing new initiatives focused on redox biology and mitochondrial function in tumor progression.

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