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Natasha Galanina

Natasha Galanina

Program: Cancer Therapeutics

(412) 648-6575 Hillman Cancer Center
5150 Centre Ave, Suite 554
Pittsburgh PA

As a clinician investigator, I am interested in the development of novel, biologically-informed therapies for relapsed/refractory high grade lymphoma. In particular, my clinical research is focused on understanding the molecular genomic profile of each tumor in order to match it to cognate therapeutic agents, an approach that provides a foundation for precision medicine trials that create individualized treatment regimens for each patient. As part of this effort, I would like to align my research with the investigators in the Precision Medicine Institute and the Center for Immunotherapy. Additionally, I’m interested in investigating the biological underpinnings of virally-mediated malignancies including EBV-driven Hodgkin lymphoma and HIV associated cancers. To that effect, I have studied the effects of checkpoint blockade (CPB) in HIV-associated Kaposi’s sarcoma. This study was the first report to demonstrate the high efficacy and tolerability of CPB in this disease space and was subsequently recognized in an AACR press release. The development of novel agents and new effective combinations based on improved understanding of tumorigenesis has been the main goal of my academic career.

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