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Robert Edwards

Robert Edwards

Program: Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy

412-641-8556 204 Craft Avenue
Pittsburgh PA

Dr. Edwards' research interests include cervical and ovarian malignancies. He serves as principle investigator of the Gynecologic Oncology Group for the University of Pittsburgh and for a number of pharmaceutical-sponsored studies. He also serves on the Cancer Vaccine Committee, which experiments with novel therapeutic approaches to gynecologic malignancies and produces translational research.

Three specific targets of Dr. Edwards' research include: 1) vaccine therapies for cervical and ovarian cancer; 2) combining biologic and immunologic therapies with traditional therapies in the treatment of women's cancer; and 3) intraperitoneal therapy.

Research Interests and Keywords
  • cervical cancer
  • Clinical Trials
  • gynecologic malignancies
  • Immunotherapy
  • intraperitoneal chemotherapy
  • ovarian cancer
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