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Shikhar Uttam

Shikhar Uttam

Program: Cancer Biology

(412) 623-7986 Hillman Cancer Center Research Pavilion
5117 Centre Ave, Rm 2.6f
Pittsburgh PA

Our research focuses on understanding the cancer systems biology of the tumor microenvironment. We are interested in studying how different cell types with varying lineages, and with different signaling and signal processing capabilities come together within the spatial context of the microenvironment to give rise to malignant phenotypes in individual patients, whether they be neoplastic transformation, cancer progression, recurrence, or response to therapy. Our specific interest is in gastrointestinal cancers (GI), particularly colorectal cancer, but we aim to expand our study to other solid tumors. We also work on cancer prognosis in GI patients at risk of developing cancer, for example, patients with inflammatory bowel disease or Barret's esophagus. Our research work utilizes high dimensional microscopy and optical imaging combined with imaging science, mathematical and systems modeling, and data science in general. In this latter context we aim to intelligently incorporate omics data into our research, to better integrate biological understanding with improved patient outcomes.

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