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Thomas Smithgall

Thomas Smithgall

Program: Cancer Virology 530 Bridgeside Point II
450 Technology Drive
Pittsburgh PA

In theory, inhibition of undesirable enzymatic activity responsible for disease can be accomplished either directly at the active site or indirectly at a distance (allostery). Important examples of selective enzyme inhibition come from the field of protein-tyrosine kinases, an emerging therapeutic target class for cancer and infectious diseases. Virtually all clinically useful kinase inhibitors to date compete for ATP binding at the kinase domain active site. However, the high degree of protein kinase sequence and structural homology limits the development of highly selective ATP-competitive kinase inhibitors. Alternative drug discovery avenues include allosteric inhibitors that target structural features outside of the kinase domain active site that are unique to individual kinase subfamilies. Allosteric inhibitor mechanisms are likely to exhibit greater specificity for their intended kinase targets, and may also stabilize kinase domain conformations that promote the action of existing inhibitors targeting the active site. Based on these principles, we are actively engaged in a drug discovery campaign to find small molecules that enhance the natural allosteric mechanisms associated with kinase domain regulation. We have developed high-throughput screening approaches based on this concept to identify selective inhibitors for protein-tyrosine kinases of the non-receptor class, including members of the Src, Fes/Fps and Abl kinase families. Selective inhibitors emerging from these screens have promise for future development in the treatment of several forms of leukemia, multiple myeloma, and HIV/AIDS.

Research Interests and Keywords
  • Abl
  • AIDS
  • AML
  • Chemical biology
  • CML
  • Drug Discovery
  • Fes
  • HIV
  • myeloma
  • Protein-Tyrosine Kinases
  • Src-family kinase
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