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Wen Xie

Wen Xie

Program: Cancer Therapeutics 633 Salk Hall
Pittsburgh PA

The research focus of Dr. Xie's laboratory is nuclear receptor-mediated transcriptional regulation of genes that encode drug metabolizing enzymes and drug transporters. In addition to metabolizing drugs, the same enzyme and transporter systems are responsible for the homeostasis of endogenous chemicals. Therefore, besides drug metabolism and disposition, this regulation has broad implications in many human diseases, including liver diseases (fatty liver, liver fibrosis, liver cancer, and autoimmune hepatitis), endocrine disorders, metabolic syndrome, and cancers. Dr. Xie’s research is conducted using a combination of molecular biology and genetically engineered mice that include tissue and cell type-specific transgenic, knockout and humanized mice.

Research Interests and Keywords
  • Breast Cancer
  • colon cancer
  • Drug metabolism
  • gene regulation
  • liver disease
  • metabolic syndrome
  • nuclear hormone receptors
  • Prostate cancer
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