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Radiation and Oxidative Damage investigators

Christopher Bakkenist, PhD
Hillman Cancer Center 2.6
5117 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh PA
Research Interests and Keywords:
  • Cancer pharmacology
  • DNA repair
Kara Bernstein, PhD
5117 Centre Avenue
Hillman Cancer Center Research Pavilion 2.42
Pittsburgh PA
Phone: 412-864-7742
Research Interests and Keywords:
  • DNA repair, DNA recombination, DNA replication, double-strand break repair, Shu complex, Rad51 paralogs, breast and ovarian cancers

My work is to determine what genetic factors make some people more likely to develop cancer, particularly breast and ovarian cancers. The genes that we study are important for fixing damage to DNA. If these genes are not operating properly and DNA damage is uncorrected, cancer may develop. DNA damage can be caused by our bodies themselves or from outside sources such as chemicals found in the environment. We are working to better predict who is likely to get cancer by understanding both people's genes and their environmental exposures. By doing so, we aim to create new tailored strategies for treating people's tumors and ultimately prevent patients from developing breast and ovarian cancers at all.


Marcel Bruchez, PhD
Mellon Institute 294A
Pittsburgh PA
Research Interests and Keywords:
  • Fluorescence
  • biological microscopy
  • imaging
  • light-harvesting structures
  • biosensors
  • single molecule biophysics
  • protein translation
  • protein folding
  • protein trafficking
Joel Greenberger, MD
UPMC Shadyside Radiation Oncology
UPMC Cancer Pavilion, POB2, Rm. 533 5150 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh PA
Phone: 412-647-3602
Research Interests and Keywords:
  • Radiation mitigator
  • radiation protection
  • lung cancer

Dr. Greenberger is examining the use of manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD) plasmid liposome gene therapy and GS-nitroxides, as agents to protect the normal tissues in the esophagus and lung from damage during radiation therapy. Damage to normal tissues during radiation therapy has been a major limitation to the effective treatment of lung cancer. The goal of his research is to improve the quality of life for cancer patients by potentially allowing the use of higher doses of radiation or chemotherapy to effectively treat lung cancer without the damaging side effects.

Patricia Opresko, PhD
UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Research Pavilion
5117 Centre Avenue, Suite 2.6a
Pittsburgh PA
Phone: 412-623-7764
Claudette St. Croix, PhD
Donna Stolz, PhD
S221 BST-South
Pittsburgh PA
Phone: 412-383-7283
Hong Wang, PhD
130 De Soto Street
Pittsburgh PA
Research Interests and Keywords:
  • Survival analysis and statistics in cancer biomarker research
  • radiation survival analysis
Judy Yanowitz
Hulya Bayir, MD
UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
4401 Penn Ave.
Pittsbrugh PA
Phone: (412) 692-5164
Research Interests and Keywords:
  • Lipid signaling and lipid imaging in cell death and inflammation; Mitochondrial injury and mitochondria - targeted therapies; Redox biomedicine
Miguel Brieno-Enriquez
Roderick (Roddy) O'Sullivan, PhD
Hillman Cancer Center
5117 Centre Avenue Suite 2.6d
Pittsburgh PA
Heath Skinner
UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, Research Pavilion
Suite 2.6a, 5117 Centre Ave.
Pittsburgh PA
Phone: 412-623-3275
Jacob Stewart-Ornstein
Bennett Van Houten, PhD
Hillman Cancer Center
5117 Centre Avenue Lab 2.6e
Pittsburgh PA
Research Interests and Keywords:
  • DNA repair
  • cancer pharmacology
  • drug discovery
Simon Watkins
S225 BST-South
Pittsburgh PA
Research Interests and Keywords:
  • Cellular organization
  • cell-cell communications
  • cell imaging