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Brian Primack
230 McKee Place
Suite 600
Pittsburgh PA
Phone: 412-586-9789
Research Interests and Keywords:
  • Tobacco
  • smoking
  • waterpipe
  • hookah
  • youth
  • adolescent
  • alcohol
  • mass media
  • media literacy
  • technology
  • health outcomes
  • education
  • health disparities

An important theme of my published work involves elucidating the detrimental effects of certain media and technology exposures on health outcomes. While the majority of my work in this area has focused on tobacco, I also study effects of media and technology on alcohol use, mental health outcomes, and sexual behavior. In addition to studying potential negative influences, I am interested in how media and technology can be used to improve health. As media exposure is likely to remain ubiquitous, investigations into both benefits as well as harms are important. For example, I study the potential use of innovative media- and technology-based educational programming to improve outcomes. A third major thread of my work is research on waterpipe (hookah) tobacco smoking. My work in this area has related to the epidemiology of this phenomenon in children, adolescents, and young adults, policy issues, and anthropological and cultural perspectives. I am also deeply involved in and committed to education, and I have also conducted research on development and testing of innovative educational programming for both clinician and researcher trainees.