Biostatistics Facility (BF)

The Biostatistics Facility (BF) provides clinical and basic science investigators at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center with expertise in the design, execution, analysis, and reporting of cancer-related research studies, encompassing basic science, genomics and proteomics, clinical trials, epidemiologic studies (including those related to cancer prevention and awareness), and investigations of behavioral and health sequelae of cancer treatment.

BF statisticians serve on UPMC Hillman Cancer Center’s Clinical Research Oversight Committee, Protocol Review Committees, and Data and Safety Monitoring Committees. They support the training of students, fellows, and cancer researchers. The BF is also committed to applying statistical and computational methods to improve the manner in which clinical trials and translational research are performed at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, and to developing statistical methodology that aids cancer research.

Methodologic research in the BF has focused on:

  • analysis of biomarkers for prognosis and prediction of response to treatment,
  • quality control in immunologic assay systems,
  • adaptive dose-finding techniques for phase I trials,
  • permutation tests for logistic regression and inference from small datasets with many covariates,
  • stochastic modeling of tumor growth and metastasis,
  • weakest-link modeling for studying cause-effect in biological and medical phenomena,
  • meta-analysis and evaluating quality of life, and
  • behavioral and health outcomes of patients undergoing cancer treatment.

The BF also has faculty with expertise in epidemiology, statistical genetics, bioinformatics, genomics and proteomics. 

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