UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Biostatistics Personnel

Daniel Normolle

Facility Director

Daniel P. Normolle, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Biostatistics
Director, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Biostatistics Facility
Cancer Virology, Cancer Immunology, Animal Studies, Cytometry, GI Cancers, Lung Cancer, Hematology, Brain Cancers, Trial Design
Phone: 412-383-1591
Fax: 412-383-1535
Email: dpn7@pitt.edu


Kristine Cooper, MS
Senior Biostatistician
Email: klc183@pitt.edu

Brenda Diergaarde, PhD
Associate Professor of Human Genetics
Breast Cancer, Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention, Genomics, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Head and Neck Cancer, Lung Cancer, Bioinformatics
Phone: 412-623-5891
Email: bbd3@pitt.edu

Ying Ding, PhD
Associate Professor of Biostatistics
Breast Cancer, Proteomics
Phone: 412-624-9407
Email: yingding@pitt.edu

William E. Gooding, MS
Senior Biostatistician
Head and Neck Cancer, Immunotherapy Trial Design
Phone: 412-383-1583
Email: weg@pitt.edu

Jason Huang, MS
Email: jason.huang@pitt.edu

Yongli Shuai, PhD
Senior Biostatistician
Lung Cancer, Hematology, Surgical Oncology, Chemoprevention, CTMA Interface
Phone: 412-383-1578
Email: shuai@pitt.edu

Hong Wang, PhD
Research Associate Professor
Radiation Oncology, Skin Cancers, Urologic Cancers
Phone: 412-383-1588
Email: how8@pitt.edu 

Support and Technical Staff Personnel

Sharon Coutch
Phone: 412-383-1537
Email: slc101@pitt.edu
Priya Iyer, MS
Data and Grants Management
Phone: 412-383-1585
Email: priya@pitt.edu