UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Biostatistics Personnel


Curtis Tatsuoka, PhD, Co-Director

Vacant, Co-Director

Core Personnel:

  • Kristine Cooper, MS: Analysis, Design (klc183@pitt.edu)
  • Priya Iyer, MSBE: Randomization, REDCap for clinical trials (priya@pitt.edu)
  • Mark Jelinek, MS: Analysis, Design, Surgical Oncology (maj272@pitt.edu)
  • Curtis Tatsuoka, PhD (Biostatistics lead for the Head & Neck and Ovarian SPOREs): Sequential experimental design, Imaging, Surgical Oncology (cut4@pitt.edu
  • Hong Wang, PhD (Biostatistics lead for Melanoma SPORE; ): Time-to-event analysis, early phase clinical trials, Radiation Oncology (how8@pitt.edu)
  • Shuaichao Wang, PhD: Multi-omics, Sparse regression, Otolaryngology (shw252@pitt.edu)

Affiliated Faculty:

  • Rebecca Deek, PhD (Department of Biostatistics): Microbiome, multi-omics (rdeek@pitt.edu
  • Kathryn Demanelis, PhD (Department of Medicine): Epigenomics, Cancer registry analysis (kdemanelis@pitt.edu)
  • Silvia Liu, PhD (Department of Pathology): NGS and Long-read sequencing analysis (shl96@pitt.edu)
  • HJ Park, PhD (School of Public Health): NGS data analysis, Causal inference with machine learning (hyp15@pitt.edu)
  • Susan Sereika, PhD (School of Nursing): Trial design, Longitudinal modeling (ssereika@pitt.edu