UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Biostatistics Contact & Scheduling

The Biostatistics Facility has ongoing work on numerous projects. Thus, an investigator should allow appropriate time to complete the work requested.

For new projects, we will ordinarily need an initial meeting to discuss the project’s background and some of the details relating to our involvement in it. For example, before developing the statistical section for a research grant proposal or a clinical trial, or initiating statistical analyses, we will work with the investigator to clarify the:

  • objectives of study,
  • key endpoints for analysis,
  • study design and conduct, and
  • issues to be addressed by statistical analysis.

Members of the BF have expertise in different disease sites and treatment methods, and their specialties are listed on the Personnel page. If your area of research is not included, or if you are not sure who to contact, please contact the Director to identify a statistical collaborator.


The BF gives highest priority to development and work on basic science, translational, therapeutic, and cancer control / population science studies having or seeking research funding from the NCI or equivalent funding agencies.

Equally important is our support of UPMC Hillman Cancer Center’s clinical trial activities through service on its Protocol Review Committees, Data and Safety Monitoring Committee, and Clinical Research Oversight Committee.

A second tier of priorities involves development and work on investigator-initiated industry-sponsored oncology clinical trials evaluating novel therapeutic agents or treatment modalities.

Other cancer-related work intended for publication in peer-reviewed journals, such as unfunded studies based on meta-analyses, chart reviews, or various databases, is addressed on a time-available basis.

No support for non-members is provided, except for work being done in direct collaboration with a UPMC Hillman Cancer Center member on a cancer-related project.

Data Submission

Please see the Spreadsheet Example for Response, PFS & OS.


Jessica Harrison
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