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Yang Liu

Yang Liu

Program: Genome Stability


The laboratory of Dr. Yang Liu focuses on developing multiscale optical microscopy techniques spanning seven orders of magnitude, bridging the nanoscale to the mesoscale, to significantly advance precision medicine such as early detection, prevention, and treatment of cancer. The technologies integrate label-free quantitative phase imaging with hyper-plex mesoscale microscopy, super-resolution fluorescence microscopy, and highly sensitive and specific across-the-scale imaging probes, which are paired with artificial intelligence (AI), robotic automation, and large-scale image informatics. This transformative approach allows for dynamic high-content phenotyping and provides invaluable insights into the molecular changes under complex tissue microenvironments. This is critical in understanding the progression from precursors to invasive cancer and deciphering the mechanisms behind therapeutic resistance. The fusion of cross-scale imaging with AI-driven systems biology and automation is poised to drive future scientific discoveries and transform personalized medicine.

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